Barriers for the Adult Learner

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Going Back to School – Barriers for the Adult Learner

The phrase “Going Back to School” can be intimidating for an adult learner. It’s nothing like when you were a child and the excitement of September would roll around. We have responsibilities and barriers that limit the majority of us with the luxury of returning to school.

There are 3 main types of barriers identified for the Adult Learner:
Situational – Also referred to as life factors. Participation in structured learning activities must fit into your responsibilities of family, work, community and other obligations. What about resources of time, energy, finances, support from family and friends, travel, child care, language barriers and health issues just to name a few. It can feel overwhelming!
Institutional – These barriers are also referred to as program or structural factors. There are only certain learning institutions where programs are “geared” towards adult learning. Adult learners are typically focused on the end result and how to get there as quickly as possible. It’s important to choose a school/facility that has options, flexibility and staff/instructors that are trained in teaching adults. A direct and hands on approach has been proven to be preferred by adult learners.
Dispositional – This barrier is also referred to as attitudinal. It relates to your perception of your own abilities. You may feel self conscious, have low self esteem or feel too old, too tired and just not smart enough. Many adult learners say they’ve had negative experiences in the past related to learning and are afraid to try again. Some also worry about learning disabilities, language barriers and what will happen when they complete their course. Will it all be worth it in the end?

YES! YES! and YES! It is worth it. We have been a part of many success stories. Here is how we know you can be a success story of your own!

No Charge Accommodation – 5WTI offers shared no charge accommodation at both campus locations. This allows you to fully focus on your studies. Staying at the campus will save you on travel time, fuel costs as well as food costs
Client Care & Campus Coordinators – You will have our support right from the beginning. Our Client Care Representatives are there to help you through the registration process. They can also guide you through various funding options. Once you’ve started your program, our Campus Coordinators are on location to make sure your day to day schedule runs smoothly.
Hands-On Active Learning – We know you want to get out there and get doing what you came to school for! The majority of your time at 5WTI is spent hands on training. Yes, there is still class time to go over safety regulations and general knowledge. However, you will find our classes are smaller, relaxed and open for discussion

Adult Learning – 5WTI is focused solely on adult education. We know there is diversity among adult learners in terms of learning style and preferred types of activities. We understand that the adult learner needs relevancy in content and to know the importance of the material being taught. Once you’re on campus, you will immediately see how easy is it to learn in an environment focused on adult learners.
Instructors – Our instructors are experienced, easy going, very approachable and more than willing to help you. They will be your main source of knowledge and support during your program. We understand that mutual respect is imperative. Our instructors want you to succeed! They want to recognize prior learning and also emphasize on cooperative and collaborative learning. It’s not a competition. We understand that the interaction between you and our instructors is one of the most powerful factors in learning.

Positive Attitude – The folks that work at 5WTI want to help you succeed. They are behind you 100% in learning and starting a new career. We’ve all been there at one time or another. Starting something brand new! It can make you nervous and intimidated. If you’re struggling, we’ll help you. If you have a ton of questions, we’ll answer them as best we can. When you’re overwhelmed, we’ll help you put the perspective back into the situation. We know this is your life and your chance to do something different. We’ll be behind you all the way.

There can be barriers between you and returning to school, but there are also solutions! We can help you find those solutions. Contact one of our Client Care Representatives today!



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