Are You Right for Heavy Equipment Operator Training?

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Are you bored with your job?  Would you like to spend more time in the outdoors? Are you excited by the thought of working with huge (and awesome) mechanical equipment?  Would you like to end your day at work knowing that you’ve actually built something, rather than just pushing paper? If so, maybe it’s time to look into heavy equipment operator training in Ontario.

Working with heavy equipment is a demanding job, and it takes a certain type of person to succeed.  But if you’re one of them, you could move into a field with nonstop demand, good wages, and a near guarantee of year-round employment for decades to come.

What It Takes To Become A Heavy Equipment Operator

Simply put, heavy equipment operators are trained and licensed to work on the sort of machinery used on construction sites, farms, mines, and other similar work.  This would include backhoes, bulldozers, rollers, excavators, graders, dump trucks, flatbeds, and more.

Someone who is well-suited to this work would be:

  • High school educated.  While exact educational requirements vary, most employers will be wary of hiring someone without at least a high school degree or GED.  If you’re thinking of an overseer or management career path, having at least some relevant college experience will make you much more attractive to employers.
  • Physically fit.  Even if the machine is doing most of the work, operating them is physically strenuous.  You’ll also spend plenty of time on your feet, in the sun, doing other work around the job site.  You cannot have certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy, which would present a danger on the job.
  • A team player.  You’re never working alone when you’re a heavy equipment operator.  Good people skills and strong communication abilities are a requirement.  Even when you’re in the cab, you’ll be in constant communication with teammates and managers overseeing the job.
  • Enthusiastic about the job.  The best heavy machine operators genuinely love what they do.  After all, they’re getting paid to “play” with some of the biggest toys in the world and see the results of their work grow before their eyes.  This isn’t a paycheck, it’s a life.

5th Wheel Training Institute Can Begin Your Heavy Equipment Operator Training

We are one of Ontario’s most-respected trucking and heavy machine schools.  We’ll help you obtain your Commercial Driver’s Licenses and obtain certifications in whatever machines you want to operate.  To learn more about our school, just click here!

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