Always Choose an In-Person School for Your Heavy Equipment Operator Training

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Are you interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator? It’s a highly lucrative field – and can also be highly rewarding as well. However, becoming one should include attending a heavy equipment operators school in Ontario, and it should be done in person!

There has been a rise in online schools since the COVID outbreak of 2020, and that’s fine for many subjects, but it’s just not a good idea if you want to become a heavy equipment operator.

Why You Need an In-Person Heavy Equipment Operators School

Simply put, you only get half the training you actually need. An online heavy equipment school might be able to prepare you to pass their written certification tests, but what are you going to do when you need to actually get behind the controls of a real bulldozer or other equipment?

When you attend an Ontario heavy equipment operators school with its own dedicated training facilities, you get:

Actual Hands-On Training

Operating a heavy machine isn’t something you can do based on theoretical knowledge alone. You need real hands-on time within the machines, under a trained instructor who can teach you the ropes. In most cases, you won’t even be able to get your certification without a certain number of “behind the wheel” hours, so an online course basically only gives you half of your education.

Trained Instructors to Draw From

A great heavy machinery operator’s school will pull its faculty and teachers from the industry, so that you’re being trained by someone who truly knows these machines. This is an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best and gain key tips and insights that will give you an advantage when you’re competing for jobs.

Networking Opportunities

When you’re first getting started in heavy machine operation, you need every advantage you can get if you’re going to nab good jobs. Going to a respected and accredited heavy machine operators’ school with training facilities will make it much easier to find contacts and do networking. The best schools even have recruiters going straight to them, knowing that they produce excellent new operators.

5th Wheel Training Institute Points You Towards Success

We are one of Ontario’s oldest and most respected training schools for heavy machine operators and truck drivers. Our staff is highly experienced, and we’re known throughout the construction and shipping industries for the excellent quality of our graduates.

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