Already Have Commercial Driving Experience? Look for The Advanced Standing Assessment at Your Ontario Truck Driving School

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If you already have some commercial driving experience, you may be able to leverage that experience to reduce your time and costs, How about at 5th Wheel Training Institute, your Ontario truck driving school.

We know that trucking schools seem expensive, and that can be a deterrent to people picking up higher-grade licenses. We want to make it as affordable as possible to upgrade your license, while -of course- staying within the new regulations on driver qualifications. That’s why we offer our Advanced Standing Assessments, for drivers who already have some experience that can take the place of formal class and behind the wheel training.

What Is an Advanced Standing Assessment?

Our advanced standing assessment is aimed at drivers who already have a DZ license and are hoping to upgrade to an AZ with a minimum of extra cost and time investment.  You can potentially even qualify if your AZ or DZ license has lapsed if you can still demonstrate the right knowledge and experience.

The advanced standing assessment is performed at our Ontario truck driving school by an experienced instructor and generally takes around two hours.  You’re tested on both theoretical and practical knowledge that would be needed to qualify for an AZ license.  Based on your performance, we can then create a knowledge plan which skips over the material you have already mastered and focuses entirely on those areas where you still need additional training.

The Benefits of an Advanced Standing Assessment

1 – Save time and money!

An Ontario truck driving school can be expensive, and it’s frustrating having to spend money taking classes on materials you already understand.  This can even prevent people from entering or re-entering the industry!  So, the advanced standing assessment cuts down on your costs while still ensuring you have all relevant knowledge.

2 – Maximize your employability.

The AZ-class license is easily the most lucrative since it gives you the ability to drive virtually any Heavy truck or Crane – including tractor-trailers.  Holding an AZ license will instantly make you more attractive to anyone hiring drivers\operators.  Generally, the costs associated with obtaining an AZ license can be prohibitive, but advanced standing makes it much easier to get.

3 – Start earning faster.

Less time in classes means more time getting paid!  There’s no better way for an experienced driver to upgrade their marketable skillset while remaining legally licensed.  Combined with the savings you’ll see from the advanced standing assessment, it’s a real financial boost.

Take Your Career to The Next Level at the 5th Wheel Training Institute, Your Ontario Truck Driving School!

There are plenty of truck driving schools – why choose 5th Wheel?  We have decades of experience in the industry, with a faculty taken directly from real-world drivers, and contacts at a wide range of industry employers.  Our training techniques are so well-respected that it’s common for our best students to be recruited straight out of school, by recruiters visiting our campuses.

However, we’ll always be here for you with job boards and personalized job hunts, if you need a little extra help finding work.

Whether you’re an experienced driving looking for an AZ license upgrade, or a newcomer looking to change careers, 5th Wheel Training provides superior training with plenty of real-world experience.  Contact us today for more information on classes.


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