5wti is a founding member of the TTSAO.

In 1993, 5th Wheel Training Institute became a Founding Member and Director of the TTSAO.

The TTSAO’s mandate is to promote and ensure that truck drivers who enter the trucking industry are knowledgeable, competent and safe.


Its goal is to maintain public confidence. People should feel safe about sharing the road with truck drivers.

Its members include Registered Private Vocational Schools and other organizations, specializing in truck driver training. They are committed to delivering quality education and training that is aligned with the TTSAO’s mission and values.

Membership in the TTSAO provides students with:

  • Recognized and certified Truck Driver training programs
  • Classroom and practical training delivered by qualified instructors
  • Insurance Approved – can recognize a certificate as equivalent to up to 3 years experience
  • Smart Driver for Highway Trucking Course imbedded in programs
Ontario truck driving school, insurance


SDHT is a training program developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Office of Energy Efficiency.  It promotes the fuel-efficient operation of heavy duty transport trucks.  Its purpose is to teach truck drivers how to:

  1. Reduce fuel use
  2. Promote greener fleet operations
  3. Improve competitiveness
  4. Enhance professionalism

Fuel efficiency is the way of the future…and SDHT is a great place to start!