How 5th Wheel Training Stands Out Among Truck Driving Schools in Ontario

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You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a truck driving school in Ontario.  With the trucking industry so desperate for truckers, it’s caused an increase in driving schools, and more choices than ever before.  So why should you choose us, at Fifth Wheel Training?

Simply put, we’re proud to say that we’re one of Ontario’s top truck driving schools – and that’s a claim we can back up.  We go above and beyond in both training, and post-graduate support, making us one of the premier training providers for students who are serious about starting a new career in trucking.

Four Reasons You Should Choose Fifth Wheel Training

1 – A long history of success

We aren’t some Johnny-come-lately school, popping up to try to fill a demand.  We’ve been continuously in operation since 1985, creating class after class of highly-qualified new truck drivers.  That makes us one of the most well-established truck driving schools in the region!

2 – Full adherence to Delivery standards

5th Wheel Training Institute has always remained steadfast in delivering all the training promised and attested to in the registration of it Vocational Programs.

3 – Our massive campuses

One problem facing many truck driving and heavy equipment schools is providing real-world experience, particularly when they’re based in a big city.  That’s not an issue for us – we have two campuses spanning a total of over 40 acres to train on!  There are few other truck driving schools in Canada who can provide true hands-on training in situations which simulate what you’ll see in the real world.  With this kind of space and the variety of equipment we train on we eliminate the need for simulator training for entry-level recruits.

4 – No charge student accommodation

Even though there may be a school just 15 minutes down the road from home, taking the time to study away from home can be a real benefit.  Our 5 week truck driver training programs are intense.  There is a lot to learn in 4-7 short weeks and you need to focus to succeed. Getting away from the distractions at home makes a real difference. It gives you the opportunity to study at night and with the help of your classmates pass the tests that follow each day of class.  It also prepares your family to be ready for those times when you will be on the road for extended periods.

5 – Deep industry contacts

We aren’t alone when we say we’re among the best trucking schools in the country – many of North America’s largest transportation companies agree!  We regularly host job fairs, and it’s quite common to see representatives from the major shippers scouting out our classes.  That’s not something every other schools can say.

Plus, we maintain a job board that’s available for all our graduates, as well as leveraging our contacts 1:1, when needed.  We’ll truly do everything possible to help you find jobs.

In short, when we say we’re a superior truck driving school, we mean it.  Contact us directly to learn more!



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