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Ontario AZ License
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When you have an Ontario AZ License, you have a world of employment opportunities at your fingertips!

As one of the top truck driving schools in Ontario, 5th Wheel Training Institute is proud to say that we have all the qualifications to help you obtain an AZ-class license. Our school and programs are fully registered by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and Ministry of Transportation. These two organizations are among the most-regulated government entities overseeing trucking in North America. They assure schools maintain rigorous standards and adhere to all the regulations.

When you attend 5th Wheel Training Institute, you’ll be learning from the best – guaranteed. Learning from the best means you’ll be on the fast track to an Ontario AZ license . It also means our graduates enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

What is an Ontario AZ License?

An AZ license is made up of two components. An A-class license means you’re certified to operate even the heaviest of tractors and trailers. Unlike the D-class license, which restricts drivers to hauling loads weighing less than 4,600kg, an A-license is unrestricted. Likewise, only A-class drivers can pull loads with double-trailers.  

Z-class means you’re certified on air brakes. This is vital because most of the largest equipment utilizes air brakes.   

So an AZ license is truly the gold standard in trucker’s licenses. You’ll be certified to operate virtually anything on the road, and that opens up far more opportunities than a D-class license. Plus, you’re also certified to drive smaller vehicles as well, since they’re included in the licensing.

There are also two types of AZ license, restricted and unrestricted. The primary difference is that “restricted” licensees cannot drive manual transmissions.

What Job Opportunities Does an Ontario AZ License Create?

The great thing about an Ontario AZ license is that it carries all the benefits of a D-class license, while also opening up opportunities for some of the most lucrative jobs in trucking.

With your Ontario AZ license, you will be capable of doing cross-country or even international drives. And potentially do them with huge, heavy, or especially long trailers. Since AZ licenses are harder to obtain, drivers capable of these jobs are always in-demand and get paid a premium for their services.  

However, you’ll also have the same opportunities as a D-class licensee, and that can be vital during off-seasons, such as the winter months. You’ll be fully qualified to operate municipal machinery such as snowplows, de-icers, or garbage trucks. Many truck drivers turn to this sort of work to earn extra money, or keep their income flowing during months where shipping is reduced due to weather.  

Plus, there are also plenty of LTL opportunities at commercial carriers like FedEx or UPS, for drivers who prefer local work.

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Driving License?

Highly-qualified drivers with their Ontario AZ license are in demand now than ever before. And 5th Wheel Training Institute can get you started on the path to joining their ranks. We employ great instructors, with a stringent emphasis on safety, to produce the best possible entry-level recruits for shipping companies across North America.

To get started, just contact us for class schedules!



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