5th Wheel Training Institute – One of the Leading Truck Driving Schools in Ontario

    5th Wheel Training is one of the premiere Truck Driving Schools in Ontario

    Are you researching truck driving schools in Ontario? Look no further, 5th Wheel Training Institute is exactly what you need!

    We don’t like to brag, but we really are one of the top truck driving schools in Ontario, and one of the most-respected and most highly-recognized. We’ve been in operation since 1985, and in that time we’ve seen uncountable success stories pass through our doors. We have a high success rate among graduates, and carry some of the highest industry certifications as well.

    At a time when the shipping industry is desperate for new drivers, 5th Wheel Training Institute has the stability and experience necessary to assist you in attaining true success in the trucking industry.

    Don’t be fooled by cash-in diploma mills. We’re the real deal, and it shows throughout our organization.

    Top-Tier Certifications

    There are two primary associations who oversee truck driver training in Ontario and North America in general. The Professional Truck Drivers’ Institute (PTDI) is the largest truck training association in North America, and one of the most respected voices in continental trucking. On a provincial level, there’s TTSAO – the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario.

    Both of these groups are directly concerned with the training, professionalism, and safety of truckers on the road. They set high standards for their members, higher than even most of the governmental-level regulations trucking schools have to operate under.  

    And we’re fully-certified by both. PTDI certification is especially difficult to obtain, and we’re one of only a handful of schools in Canada who can say we have their blessings. There is simply no higher accolade a North American truck driving school can hope to achieve.  

    So, why is it that we’re such a highly-qualified truck driving school in Ontario?

    Real-World Trainers in Real-World Situations

    Our training staff is taken solely from real-world truck drivers who’ve been on the road from many years. We aren’t interested in only theoretical “book learning” when it comes to truck driver training; hands-on mentoring behind the wheel of a loaded truck cannot be replaced by books or unsupervised simulator time. We hire real truckers who talk about the realities on the road, and want to pass on their years (and miles) of experience to the next generation of drivers.

    To back those trainers up and provide you the best experience, we have two all-inclusive campuses. Our  London – Sarnia campus is located in Watford, ON and our original North Bay – Timmins campus is located in Temiskaming Shores, ON.  Along with their classrooms, they each feature many acres of training grounds specifically set up to recreate real-world job sites – including a full size quarry with stockpiles of material to assure consistent year-round training! Facilities like these make stand out amongst the top truck driving schools in Ontario

    Our focus is on preparing every student for the reality of truck driving, with extensive hands-on experience that makes them especially attractive to recruiters.  

    And we know plenty of recruiters.

    Superior Employment Opportunities

    Thanks to our long history of operation and record of success, 5th Wheel Training Institute has access to many of the biggest names in intercontinental shipping.  Groups such as Schneider, SGT 2000, and Challenger regularly call us for referrals and visit our campus to meet our trainees with offers. It’s like Spring Training for truck drivers!  

    We have many local contacts as well, if you’re more interested in staying close to home. We’re known to local shipping agencies, who also rely on us for recruits. We maintain a job report on our website as well, full of postings directly from employees seeking our grads.

    Furthermore, we stand by our drivers. Every graduate gets our full support, including lifetime job placement assistance. That support doesn’t go away either. No matter how long it’s been since you passed through our doors, we’ll always be here to connect you with work if you’re in need.

    5th Wheel Training Institute – Contact Our Truck Driving Schools in Ontario

    By all means, look around. We honestly believe you won’t be able to find another truck driving school in Ontario with as much to offer as 5th Wheel Training Institute. Our record of success, our great certifications, our superior trainers, and our many employed graduates all speak for themselves.

    It’s a great time to look into a career in trucking, and 5th Wheel Training Institute wants to see you succeed.  Contact us today for full class information or to see our facilities for yourself!



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