5 Things You Should Know About Taking Truck Driver Training in Ontario

Truck Driver Training in Ontario
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Truck Driver training in Ontario is one of the best ways to hone your ability behind the wheel. This will make you a more marketable commodity in the driver marketplace. You must undergo training to earn your license and be considered by logistic companies.  Additional certifications can lead to the top positions at companies and make you more likely to advance quickly over time. To help guide you we’re highlighting five things you should know about taking truck driver training in Ontario.

You’ll Need your G License First

To get your AZ or DZ licence you need to have your full G licence first.  The MTO will not allow you to test or practice until you have a G licence.

You Must be at Least 18

By law you must be 18 years of age to hold your AZ licence.  Most employers prefer drivers over the age of 25 to minimize their insurance exposure. This is particularly true of small fleets, which would be paying higher premiums to employ those under 25.

You Should Have a Clean Driving Record

Having too many points on your license can make it difficult for companies to employ you. They will also have a harder time adding you to their insurance. Maintaining a clean driving record Is essential if you wish to undergo truck driver training in Ontario.

You Must be able to Prove your Mental and Physical Health

Your mental and physical health have to be certified by a Doctor and the MTO as being sufficient to operate large vehicles on the province’s highways.  Before being accepted to a school and before you can book your road test you need to be medically-cleared through MTO testing. You can download the form from our website and after having the doctor complete it submit it to the MTO. This won’t be free, however; doctors will charge anywhere from $75.00 – $200.00 sometimes to complete it for you.

You’ll Need Proof of High School Education or Equivalency

If you are to join a Ontario career college in Ontario for truck driver training, you should be prepared to prove your education. The training institute you choose will will require proof of your education. This must be in the form of a high-school diploma or transcript, proof of completion of College or University education or documentation from testing.  For those that do not have any proof of a grade 10 education, our team at 5th Wheel Training Institute can set you up to do a grade 10 equivalency test called a Wonderlic test.

Proof of Mandatory Entry Level Truck Driver Training in Ontario

Finally you will require proof that you have completed Mandatory Entry Level Training at an accredited institution or by a company in Ontario.  Only then will you be allowed to hold an AZ License in Ontario.

By turning to trusted training experts and learning the process for truck driver training in Ontario, you can give yourself the ideal foundation for your new career . To discover more or to book your training with our team, contact us today!





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