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Trying to get onto the trucking industry? Start with the people that know!

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Al Jazeera English

Makes us wonder what a truck driver or equipment operator from 44 years ago who stepped into a new piece of equipment for the first time after..

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Awesome Earthmovers

So if your boss tells you to do it do you have to do it? NO I have to question the cable laying across the excavator after they assist the operator…..Just..

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The Talent Group Canada

Here is a guy that definitely needs some training. Skill testing question to all our followers? Assuming this picture were taken in Ontario,..

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Timeline Photos

Southern Ontario Alumni! AZ drivers needed!

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Partners in Employment - Perth & Huron Counties

If you aren’t in the Perth-Huron County area contact us and we can point you in the direction of government funding near you!

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Twisted Truckers

He obviously didn’t have his winter buns on.

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Looks like training in Sarnia will be extra special the next few days….

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Schilliger Holz AG


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Timeline Photos

Who can identify the mystery man! This was uploaded to our wall of fame page at http://www.5wti.com and we really want to know who it is. It’s a great..

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